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Wall Crak.lè





White body ceramic

Thick Glass

Wall and Floor

5x20 cm

Brick 5x20

Tactile surfaces. Products that tell a story. From the artisan experience and the search for precious crystalline, Mattoncino 5x20 Crak.lè is born, a collection of fine white-body tiles of small size, with a multiple identity.

The craftsmanship and the dexterity of the potters are reinterpreted in a contemporary key, enhancing the uniqueness of each single piece.

Mattoncino 5x20 Crak.lè A910-A913-A915
20x60 Oceani A915
Oceani Crakle A915

Wall Crak.lè

A905 White

A900 Beige

A910 Celeste

A913 Light blue

A915 Blue

A916 Ocean

A922 Purple

A926 Purple

A928 Aubergine

A956 Gray

A957 Sky

A962 Coffee

A963 Chocolate

A965 Licorice


W300 White Matt

W310 Sky blue

W315 Blue

W316 Bluette

W327 Pink

W328 Red

W332 Yellow

W341 Dark Green

W342 Aquamarine

W343 Turquoise

W344 Acid Green

W350 Grey

W355 Black

W360 Beige

W365 Orange

W370 Sienna


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