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White body ceramic

Decorated in relief

Interior Wall and Floor

15x15 cm Sp.9mm

Arabesque Decor Klimt

AcquarioDue is inspired by the art of the 20th century and creates a new decorative collection in Arabesque format, which evokes suggestive furnishing scenarios inspired by the world of the artist Gustav Klimt.

The naturalistic decorative motifs, typical of Art Nouveau, mix with more abstract elements, merging into a precious technique, full of symbolic references. The shapes retain the two-dimensional effect: by combining color with color, shape with shape, the volume of the things it depicts is canceled, so much so as to make them appear almost abstract and transfer them to a decorative level.

A totally new interpretation, precious surfaces evocative of art, enveloping like "The kiss" and enchanting like "Giuditta". Each tile is hand-worked with skill and competence to obtain an elegant texture with sinuous lines and incredible chromatic effects, giving rise to eight decoration variants, thirty-five background colors and eight color finishes of the decoration, which can be customized with countless colors and shades. The final effect is that of compositions with extraordinary graphics, capable of generating elegant and vibrant spaces of light in which to experience an evocative environment of the Belle Epoque. AcquarioDue wanted to respond to the needs of an increasingly refined and ambitious market, eager for a unique contemporary style and unmistakable interior design scenarios. A timeless 'search for beauty' that has always been the company's mission, and which sees the tile become the protagonist element of an interior project, the choice of which is primary and fundamental for the final aesthetic result.

ACQUARIODUE_Arabesco Klimt Gold
Arabesco W300 Klimt gold
Arabesco W316-Klimt Gold
Arabesco Decor W355 Klimt nero.JPG

Arabesco Klimt


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