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White body ceramic

Decorated in relief

Interior Wall and Floor


16x18 cm Sp.9mm

EXA16 Pattern

The hexagon is one of the shapes that is most inspired by nature, it represents efficiency and we find it in the magnificent alveoli of bees, in the columnar rocks of Ireland, in snowflakes or in salt crystals.

The engineering of nature is reinterpreted by Acquario Due in shades of glossy and opaque colors with stylized floral and geometric relief decorations inspired by the 20's.

Pattern with a clear and defined design, arrows, zigzags, straws or flowers that are shaped with the sharp edges of the hexagon. The keywords of this product are energy, movement and worldliness. An opulence of customizable details in tone-on-tone colors for greater sobriety, up to strong black and gold or silver and white contrasts for lovers of luxury.

Exa 16 Decor is the reinterpretation of art decò in a modern key, with strong material and stylistic contrasts for contemporary environments.

ACQUARIODUE_EXA16 Pattern nero
ACQUARIODUE_EXA16 W355 Pattern Nero
EXA16 W300 Flora Blu
exa16 w300 flora bianco.HEIC
Exa16 W300-W316-W342

Exa16 Decor

Exa16 Decor Pattern


Download Minimal Patterns

Download Minimal Flora

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