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Over 30 years of passion, ideas and wonderful products.

Federico Zancanella was born in 1952 and has always shown curiosity and a strong artistic sense.
His excitement for beauty and the ceramic influences that came from the nearby cities of Este and Bassano, made him passionate about this culture made of clay, enamels and heart.
The first work experiences were as a waiter in the village pizzeria, but in the gaps of time he devoted himself to the creation of plates, vases and artistic ceramics.
Then came the experience in the ceramic tile factory, where at the young age of 18 he was promoted to production manager.
In 1981 the accumulated experience and the great desire to create something of his own, led Federico to found together with another partner, what was the famous ceramic company " FAC ", initials of FEDERICO ARTE CERAMICA.
One of the most beautiful anecdotes with his first partner is the clash that animated him, in fact in the years preceding the company when Federico was still an employee, there was no lack of union protests with his former partner. The clashes were so intense that during a procession Federico was hit in a slow-speed car by the same future traveling companion.
But in 1986 Federico decided that he wanted an adventure of his own and therefore found what is now ACQUARIO DUE, a company born without money, but with the trust of those around him.
Not being able to register the company due to a "non-competition pact", the first years of "Acquario Due" were led by his wife Franca, who in addition to decorating by hand had already conceived four children Marco, Elisa, Martino and Martina.
The first headquarters of "Acquario Due" was in Caselle di Selvazzano (PD), a small office that allowed to produce good quantities but above all quality, paying attention to the founding VALUES of ACQUARIO DUE, i.e. ENVIRONMENT, CRAFTSMANSHIP, RESPECT FOR WORK, CULTURE of BEAUTY and FAMILY, essential to respectfully enter the homes of their customers.
In 1989 the fifth son Samuele was born and with him the idea of ​​expanding the company for a new project began to mature.
In 1992 the company moved to Treponti di Teolo (PD) where the spaces were double compared to before, and where one of the most successful collections "GLI ARANCI" was born.
"GLI ARANCI" were a real phenomenon of the moment, with imitations of all kinds and many VIPs of the time who showed up in the company to be able to have it at home.
"GLI ARANCI" was the maximum expression of the handmade product in Italy, of research of materials, elegance and prestige for the home.
But 1992 is also the year of the sixth child for Federico and Franca, in fact Daniele was born.
The success of Acquario Due continues with new collections and new products such as Emozioni, Scrovegni, Barocco, Provenza, Ionio, Lavaredo, Falconetto and much more, and between one series and another comes the seventh son Massimiliano.
The good market trend and loyalty in values ​​led ACQUARIO DUE to move in 2001 to an even larger building in Bastia di Rovolon (PD) where the company is still based today.
Here collections such as Canaletto and Galassia, Deserto and Riflessi Boreali are born, but here is also the beginning of the crisis that affects the whole world and that also overwhelms Acquario Due.
The history of Acquario Due is also that of a long and persistent fight against the crisis carried out with RESILIENCE together with the children Elisa, Martino, Samuele and Massimiliano who entered the business.
From 2007 to 2012 the family fought and saved ACQUARIO DUE, a huge personal sacrifice, but we could not leave these values ​​created by intellect and culture.
Always faithful to the guidelines that distinguish us, the new Wonder's Patch, Crak.lè, Folk, Arabesco, Impronte, iLava collections have been created, and the Canaletto and Galassia ranges have expanded.
In recent years, just to name a few, we have carried out projects for the Royal family of Qatar, Interior projects with Philippe Starck and in 2018 Swimming Pool, Wellness Center and Bathrooms of the Faloria Hotel in Cortina D'Ampezzo.
Federico is always in the company, his creature and his life. He continues to provide support and ideas for development and remains the passionate and beating heart of the business, always reminding everyone of the values ​​and origins of ACQUARIO DUE.

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