Alfredo Gelato

Custom made decoration

20x20 Matt white enamel and hand decorated with blue relief

Location (Scalo Milano Outlet - Milan) - ITALY



Canalgrande decoration and burgundy covering ceramic tiles

Bathrooms of the historic Hotel Spessotto

Location (Portogruaro - Venice) - ITALY

stube 10.JPG

Centro Kofler

Stube in white majolica with handmade decorations.

Kofler Group Brewery

Location (Mestre - Venice) - ITALY

Faloria Spa e Mountain Resort

Artistic Gres Cristalli A616 Oceano

Project realized by the architect Flaviano Capriotti. 

Location (Cortina D'Ampezzo - Belluno) - ITALY


13 Comuni

Restaurant Hotel

Wonder's Patch W300 WP -Mix Acquamare

Covering Kitchenette wine cellar

Location (Velo Veronese - Verona) - ITALY

Cruise ships AIDA Group

Ionio collection, color A26 Porpora

Coating of internal parts.

Project carried out by the Shipyard in Hamburg - GERMANY


Café del Teatro (GE)

Lucida collection, color A52 diamond size

Coverings throughout the room with 10x10 Diamond in the colors A52 Green and A10 Glossy White

Location (Genoa) - ITALY

Genesis Restaurants

A55, A32 and A71 Lucida collection

DESMO-UK Ltd project

Location - NIGERIA