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Opus Crak.lè

Opus A910.jpg





White body ceramic

Thick Glass

Interior Wall and Floor

Opus 3-6cm 

Small pebbles with embossed enamels intersect with each other, creating a web of brilliant colors that seem to float on fine white body. A palette from which to draw to cover interiors of great personality and modernity. The deep crystallines coat every room with light. Precious is the thick crackle effect that gives rise to crystalline reflections from the precious surface cracks on formats that enhance the material.

Crakle Opus 3-6cm A910 Celeste e A915 Blu
Crakle Opus 3-6cm A910 Celeste e A915 Blu

Opus Crak.lè

A905 White

A900 Beige

A910 Celeste

A913 Light blue

A915 Blue

A916 Ocean

A922 Purple

A926 Purple

A928 Aubergine

A956 Gray

A957 Sky

A962 Coffee

A963 Chocolate

A965 Licorice


A10 Glossy White

A15 Selenium Red

A26 Purple

A28 Spring

A31 Light blue

A32 Electric Blue

A33 Midnight Blue

A35 Coral

A36 Pink Peach

A40 Grey

A45 Canary Yellow

A48 Honey

A50 Grass Green

A51 Aqua Green

A52 English Green

A55 Black

A71 Oil


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